Dania Zafar Obituary, Police identify last two victims of Old Montreal fire, both 18 years old

Dania Zafar Obituary, Death – Twelve days after the fire that broke out in Old Montreal, Montreal police say they have identified two additional remains that were located in the ruins of the blaze. The bodies were found in the aftermath of the incident. Once the fire was put out, the bodies were located in the rubble. It was discovered that the sixth and seventh persons to perish as a consequence of the fire were Charlie Lacroix and Walid Belkahla, both of whom were 18 years old at the time of their deaths. On Monday, both of the victims were extracted from the wreckage and sent to a pathologist in order for them to be evaluated.

The rescue operation took place. It was discovered that there were a total of five individuals who had been victims of the crime. An Wu, a neuroscientist who was 31 years old, Dania Zafar and Saniya Khan, childhood friends who were also 31 years old, Nathan Sears, who was 35 years old and had a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Toronto, Camille Maheux, who was 76 years old and a well-known photographer from Montreal, were among the victims. There were a number of victims, including An Wu, a neuroscientist who was 31 years old. “Since we want to show that we care about the families whose loved ones have been taken away and the friends who have been impacted by this tragedy, we have decided to donate.

We are not going to provide any further information concerning the victims’ history or the events that led to their deaths at this time.” The following remark was delivered by Investigator David Shane on Tuesday, during what he thought would be the final press conference on the fire at Place D’Youville. According to the police’s report, the inquiry into the potential victims has come to a successful conclusion.