Dana Hyde Obituary Conexon LLC Kansas city, MO Dana Hyde Has Passed Away

Dana Hyde Obituary, Death – You might be aware that earlier this month “turbulence” is suspected to have caused the death of a lawyer who was traveling on a Bombardier Jet. According to reports, the occurrence took place in Canada. She did not actually pass away as a direct consequence of the turbulent air, as shown by a recent statement that was made public by the FAA. You can find the updated statement further down on this page:

“The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had initially stated that the business jet had encountered severe turbulence; however, an investigation discovered that the pilots had turned a button and removed a mechanism that was used to stabilize the plane. This was discovered after the FAA had initially stated that the business jet had encountered severe turbulence.
According to the findings of the investigation, Dana Hyde lost her life as a result of the airplane “spinning nose-up at several times the force of gravity.”

Does anyone have any idea which switch on the Bombardier jet she was travelling in at the time of the incident might have been the one that caused the accident that resulted in her death? And why would toggling this switch cause the airplane to nose up so suddenly and with such force all of a sudden? If something like that were to take place, wouldn’t it put the lives of everyone on board in jeopardy? I am appreciative of the contribution you made. sw