Cortney Henry Obituary, Cortney Henry Has Passed Away Suddenly

Cortney Henry Obituary, Death – It is with great regret that we have to be the ones to break the news to you, but our dear friend Cortney Henry passed away earlier today. It is with deep sorrow that I have no choice but to continue in this way. At this difficult time, please accept our most deepest condolences and know that they are being sent from the very core of each of our hearts.

It was disclosed that she has been admitted to the medical facility, according to a post that was put on one of the social media accounts that is handled by her family. This post was made public on one of the social media platforms. “Today, my cousin Terri Van Hoose died away gently as she was sleeping. She was accompanied by her loving family and by the husband she had married, Rick Van Hoose.

She had been ill for some time. Also, my aunt and uncle were there to support us. For some time, she had been coping with the effects of her disease. Being married to Rick, who was such a pleasant and kind person, was definitely a gift for me. He was the perfect man for me. We implore you to say a prayer right now for everyone of us individually, and we thank you in advance for doing so.

We ask that you remember both of our names in your daily prayers. Thank you. Her soul, in all of the many diverse ways that it is capable of being expressed, embodies the virtues of chastity and beauty in every single one of those expressions. As she has gone away, she will be able to spend the rest of eternity in paradise with her daughter Cortney Henry and her father, who is my uncle Bobby.

They will be together for all of time. They are going to stay together for as much time and distance as is physically possible. It is written in the constellations that they will be together for the whole of eternity. Sister, if you could just offer a warm embrace to each of them on my behalf, it would mean a great deal to me. That would be really helpful, thank you.

There is not the tiniest speck of uncertainty in any area of my mind about the fact that my father, Larry Cox, will also be there at this moment to give you a bear hug. Sister, it is my honest hope and prayer that you would one day be able to satisfy the profound need in your heart for peace and quiet by finding a place where you can be alone. We adore you.”