Colin Lipscomb Obituary, Friends of Blairs Loch member has passed away – Death

Colin Lipscomb Obituary, Death – After the departure of their loved one earlier today, the members of Friends of Blairs Loch would like to offer their thoughts and prayers to Colin Lipscomb’s family and friends. We are saddened to hear of their loss. In 2018, FoBL was experiencing significant difficulties in getting off the ground. Throughout the period of nine months, we contacted a number of funding providers and asked for assistance with the applications we were preparing for the Loch of Blairs competition.

Everyone who answered stated, in essence, that they like your ambition but that they are concerned about your lack of experience because you do not have a track record. We are unable to provide our support to something that is so based on conjecture because it is too risky. We were at a loss for what to do, and the level of frustration we were experiencing almost drove us to throw in the towel.

Later, in what felt like the course of a single week’s time, two of the FoBL Trustees were involved in two separate conversations that ultimately resulted in everything being different. They were both working for separate organizations; one of them was employed by Colin, and the other was working for the Gordon and Ena Baxter Foundation. They both replied with the same thing, which was, “Okay, we think you’re up to the challenge.” You will receive money in the amount of £10,000 from us so that you can get your business off the ground.

Our credibility took a dramatic leap forward when there was already money in the bank to back up our claims.
Suddenly, several more grant givers said that they would be willing to support us. The remaining portion of the story is comprised of an amazing history of accomplishments for FoBL as well as for the community that surrounds them. Colin, we are thankful to you for your generosity as well as your confidence and your ability to see the big picture. We really hope that you may find the tranquility you seek, and in the meanwhile, please accept our heartfelt appreciation for being such a devoted friend of Blairs Loch.