Chuck Zuckerman Obituary, Chuck Zuckerman Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Chuck Zuckerman Obituary, Death – Just Monday, 73-year-old President Chuck Zuckerman died unexpectedly. Chuck, a BCWF member since 1977, had previously served as Vice President, Lower Mainland Area President, and Recreational Shooting Sports Committee Chair. Chuck spent almost 40 years helping conservation and 13 years as POCO Hunting and Fishing Club president.

“Put more animals on the landscape, more fish in the seas, and more birds in the sky.” He loved hunting and rifle safety. Chuck taught at Simon Fraser University and created safety training programs during his 40 years as a longshoreman. He taught PAL and CORE prerequisites for new hunters. Since he was 10, Chuck has taught his children, grandchildren, and generations of British Columbians to hunt. The Federation’s executives, members, and staff will miss him.

“Chuck always had a narrative to tell from his life experiences, which included growing up in the Bronx, which was a concrete jungle, then migrating out to British Columbia,” said BCWF Executive Director Jesse Zeman. He loved history and reading. His grasp of the BCWF’s history, rules, and constitution was unrivaled, as was his passion for British Columbia’s fish and wildlife. BCWF Vice-President David Lewis said Chuck was a guy of character who believed in the Federation and its values.

He inspired, taught, mentored, and befriended many. He always had a story to tell.” “Chuck was one of the most dedicated individuals to our cause that I have encountered over the years,” stated BCWF Vice-President Mark McDonald. “He will be missed by everybody and may his hard work, devotion, and legacy last.” Chuck looked back on his presidency and expressed optimism for the future in his final statement.

“I am proud of my efforts as my time ends,” he wrote. I attended 170 meetings, 40 webinars, and 65 MLAs, MPs, and government officials. I addressed the Province Budget Standing Committee, Provincial Firearms Safety Legislative Committee, and Provincial and Federal Outdoors and Firearms Caucuses. I travelled to Ottawa to represent the BCWF to the Canadian Wildlife Federation to mobilize national opposition to Bill C-21 modifications.

Budgets, resource management, and firearms were discussed with all party MLAs and MPs. “The Executive, Board of Directors, Regional Presidents, and Committee Chairs of the B.C. Wildlife Federation work every day to guarantee that our members, family, friends, and future generations can enjoy the outdoors and consume wild, sustainable food. I urge our members to speak up for conservation.”