Christopher Stock Obituary Lincoln, NE, Christopher Stock Sadly Passed Away

Christopher Stock Obituary, Death – Christopher James Stock, who was 31 years old at the time of his untimely death on March 26, 2023, our hearts bleed as we announce his demise due to an unforeseen cause. On November 7th, 1991, Chris was brought into this world in Lincoln, Nebraska. His grandfathers, Mark Stock and Dwight Crewdson, as well as his grandmother, Rev. Louise Stock, all passed away before he was born. Chris is survived by his grandmothers, Janice Crewdson and Lana Crewdson; his proud parents, Ted and Sherri Stock; his parents-in-law, Rod and Vicki Burkey; his cherished wife, Victoria Stock; the children he adored, Viarra Stock (10) and Ezra Stock (5); aunts, uncles, and cousins; and an amazing group of countless friends and mentors. Chris passed away on April 1, 2019.

The importance of Chris’s family could not be overstated. He showed his parents how much he treasured the relationship he had with them by contacting them many times a day, treating them to lunch once a week, and never missing a chance to prepare a delectable dish for them in the kitchen. He was the kind of father that other people looked up to and aspired to be like because he never missed a doctor’s appointment, he cuddled them every single night, he helped them with all of the difficult math problems, he kissed every boo-boo, and he taught them how to be leaders, how to be humble, and how to find the strength within themselves. Chris was an amazing husband who didn’t require a specific day to express his love for his wife. He would always bring home her favorite goodies, write her notes just because, and even braid her hair every night. He didn’t need a holiday to show his affection for his wife. His love and dedication to his family remained constant and undivided throughout his life.

Since Chris had such a strong commitment to achieving his goals and expanding his business, he was able to launch a hugely successful real estate company in a relatively short amount of time that now assists hundreds of customers in Lincoln and the surrounding regions. Everybody who came into contact with Chris was immediately able to sense his humility, genuineness, and altruism, and thus became a friend. He did all in his power to inspire others to see their own potential and develop their skills. He served as a guide and advisor to a vast number of individuals, providing them with every chance he could.

People knew they could depend on him for telling the truth, being polite, providing sound counsel, and having a clever sense of humor. He was the kind of person who would go out of his way to assist anybody, whenever they required it. Even after he had passed away, he continued to serve people by becoming a donor and saving many more lives. This exemplifies his selflessness. Chris, we love you more than words could ever explain, and your legacy will live on in your family, your friends, your company, and now in the individuals to whom you have given the gift of a second shot at life. Chris will be remembered with a gathering to celebrate his life, the details of which will be shared at a later time.