Christine Navish, Man, Woman Dead in NH Murder-Suicide Identified – Report says

Christine Navish Obituary, Death – On Thursday, prosecutors in the state of New Hampshire made the announcement that the two people who were found dead in a murder-suicide this week in the state of New Hampshire were a man who smothered a woman he lived with before taking his own life, and the woman he suffocated before taking his own life.

The announcement was made in the state of New Hampshire. This week, the bodies of the two victims were discovered and positively identified, following an intensive search for them. After the results of the study were analyzed, the finding was made. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office disclosed on Wednesday the information that was gathered in connection with the investigation into the death that took place at a residence located on Dowaliby Court in the city of Dover.

On Thursday, an announcement was made, and not long after that, the public was given the names of the two individuals who were being investigated for their involvement in the matter. It was found out that the man, whose name has been given as Sean Navish and who is 56 years old, had first killed his wife, Christine Navish, who was 58 years old, by either drowning her or smothering her in some other way before turning the knife on himself.

Christine Navish’s husband, Sean Navish, is referred to in this sentence. This statement makes a reference to Sean Navish, Christine Navish’s spouse. Sean is referred to as “Navish.” The prosecution did not disclose the nature of their relationship; however, they did say that the two defendants lived together in the same house. This was one of the allegations made by the prosecution.