Chris Taylor Obituary, Guitarist/Keyboardist and Accordion Player Chris Taylor has died

Chris Taylor, the extraordinarily talented guitarist, keyboardist, and accordion player for our band, has made the difficult decision to leave the band in order to pursue other musical opportunities. It is with a heavy heart that we must break the news to you, but we feel obligated to do so. On June 9, 2021, when Chris opened the case of his Gretsch guitar on Dave’s deck and began playing those vintage tones, we realized that he was the most qualified individual for the position. This led us to the conclusion that Chris should be given the job. Soon after that, we came to the conclusion that he was also an accomplished keyboard player and accordion player,

both of which made significant contributions to the overall sound of the band In Lieu of Flowers. Chris had been a part of our crew ever since we had first put together the group we were going to work with. Chris can be heard throughout the entirety of our first record. He weaves his magic through and around Ernie’s playing of the violin and mandolin, and he provides an exceptional counterpart to Jim’s playing of the pedal steel guitar. Both of these performances can be heard in their entirety. Chris is responsible for it being possible to hear both of these performances. You have the option of listening to each of these performances in its entirety if you so choose.

We would all like to send him our best wishes because he brought such brilliance to the table. He is such a bright shining star, and he brought such brilliance to the table. Because he contributed such brilliant ideas to the discussion. We have been having discussions with a number of other guitarists about the possibility of them joining our band, and we will keep you updated as we come to a decision regarding the particular individual who will serve as the lead guitarist for our ensemble. In the meantime, however, Chris will be missed, and we want to take this opportunity to wish him the very best of luck, not only in the upcoming endeavors he undertakes, but also in his life in general.