Chris Farlowe Obituary, “Out of Time” Hitmaker Chris Farlowe Has Passed Away

Chris Farlowe Obituary, Death – According to reports on the internet, 60s hitmaker Chris Farlowe has died. I haven’t seen any official confirmation as of yet. Chris Farlowe (born John Henry Deighton on October 13, 1940) was an English singer of rock, blues, and soul. He is best known for his hit single “Out of Time,” written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, which reached No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart in 1966, as well as his association with Atomic Rooster, the Thunderbirds, and Colosseum. Farlowe collects war memorabilia in addition to his music career. Farlowe was born in the North London borough of Islington. His musical career began in 1957 with the John Henry Skiffle Group, followed by the Johnny Burns Rhythm and Blues Quartet in 1958. In 1959, he met guitarist Bob Taylor and became a member of the Thunderbirds, who went on to record five singles for the Columbia label. He released a version of “Stormy Monday Blues” on Island’s Sue label under the pseudonym Little Joe Cook (a name also used by an American singer), which perpetuated the myth that he was a black singer.

Farlowe signed to Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate label and released eleven singles, five of which were cover versions of Rolling Stones songs such as “Paint It Black,” “Think,” “Ride On, Baby,” “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” and “Out of Time,” which peaked at No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart in 1966. He released four more singles, the most well-known of which are “Handbags and Gladrags” by Mike d’Abo and “My Way of Giving,” a cover of a Small Faces album track written by Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane. In September 1970, he began working with the jazz rock group Colosseum, recording a live album and two studio albums, including Daughter of Time (1970). He appeared on all of Colosseum’s albums following their reunion in 1994.

He joined Atomic Rooster in February 1972 and appears on the albums Made in England (1972) and Nice ‘n’ Greasy (1973). (1973). Farlowe worked on two BBC Birmingham productions in 1978, for which his former Colosseum bandmate Dave Greenslade composed the theme music. First, Farlowe sang the theme song in the second season of Gangsters. Farlowe and Greenslade then provided the music, and Farlowe starred in the rock opera Curriculee Curricula as Benny opposite Sonja Kristina. The production debuted on BBC Two and was shot entirely on video on the University of Birmingham campus, with Magnus Magnusson serving as narrator.

Farlowe performed on two tracks from Jimmy Page’s Death Wish II soundtrack (1982), as well as “Hummingbird,” “Prison Blues,” and “Blues Anthem” from Page’s album Outrider (1988). He toured extensively with Hamburg Blues Band, primarily in Germany. Farlowe has performed on stage with Van Morrison several times since 1999. Farlowe appeared as a featured artist alongside Maggie Bell and Bobby Tench on the “Maximum Rhythm and Blues” tour, which visited 32 UK theaters in 2009. Farlowe performed his 1966 hit “Out of Time” at Wembley Arena on July 30, 2016, as part of a show commemorating the 50th anniversary of England’s victory in the 1966 FIFA World Cup Final.