Charleston Shooting Today, Off-campus gunshot, suspect at large, CofC says

Charleston Shooting Today – Students at the College of Charleston (CofC) were issued a warning on Wednesday that advised them to remain vigilant in the middle of an ongoing investigation into a gunshot that took place off campus. The warning was issued as part of the investigation into the shooting that took place off campus. The Charleston Police Department is the one in charge of leading the investigation at this point.

In the statement that was released by the College of Charleston, it was said that the incident was said to have taken place at approximately 5:30 o’clock in the evening close to the intersection of Beaufain and Wilson Streets. This information comes from the statement that was given by the College of Charleston. The statement that was released to the public included the provision of this information.

The notification claims that the victim was walking when they were shot in the leg. According to the notification, the victim was walking. According to the narrative, the event transpired in the aforementioned way. The victim was shot in the knee, which served as the entry point for the bullet into his body. The victim was found dead at the scene.

When the offense was done, the offender very certainly did so while seated inside a gray Honda Accord. This is the most likely scenario. This is the scenario with the highest probability.

The Charleston Police Department has been reached out to by News 2 in the hopes of acquiring any more information that may be available. This comes after News 2 made an effort to get in touch with the department.