Carol Magielies Obituary, Man killed after teen driver ran red light in Phoenix

┬áCarol Anne Magielies Obituary, Death – On Saturday evening, there was a collision that involved three separate autos that took place at the junction of 35th Avenue and Union Hills Road. Reports indicate that a guy was killed as a result of the incident that occurred at that location and involving all three vehicles. The collision took place on the highway. The Phoenix Police Department is cited as the alleged source of the information in the reports.

Officials were able to positively identify the deceased man as Mark Oale, who had reached the age of sixty at the time that his body was discovered. When the young driver of the vehicle reached the intersection of Union Hills Drive and 35th Avenue, he disregarded the red light that was directing him to come to a stop at the intersection. The light was indicating that he should stop at the intersection. On Union Hills Drive, he was traveling in the western direction. According to the police report, this is what transpired as a result of the complaints that were handed over to them.

Oale was reportedly behind the wheel of his vehicle when it was involved in a collision with a truck that was traveling northbound on 35th Avenue when the incident occurred, as stated by the information that was included in the police report. Following that, Oale’s vehicle was involved in an accident with another vehicle that was stopped at the intersection at the time of the incident.

According to the reports, law enforcement officers searching the area spotted Oale and determined her to be in a critical condition as a result of the extensive injuries she had sustained. They transported him to the nearest hospital, but as soon as he arrived, the medical personnel realized that it was too late for him to be saved and pronounced him dead.

It was reported that both of the drivers of the vehicles that were engaged in the incident had injuries as a result of the occurrence; nevertheless, the authorities in charge of the investigation determined that the severity of the injuries sustained by either driver was very low. At no point did anyone exhibit any behavior that would have suggested they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There is currently no additional information that can be disclosed to the general public, and the police have not issued any remarks indicating whether or not any arrests have been made as of this moment.