Cannon Falls MN Shooting, Woman shot, suspected trapped in a home in Mennesota

Cannon Falls MN Shooting – Wednesday in Cannon Falls, a man who has trapped himself inside the home is accused of shooting and wounding a woman who is 26 years old. The man is said to have barricaded himself inside the residence. According to the Cannon Falls Police Department, the suspect, who is 25 years old and is thought to still be inside the residence, officers have established a perimeter around the home. As of two o’clock in the afternoon, the situation has not improved.

According to the reports of the police, the incident took place in a residence located on the 300 block of 1st Street N soon after 11:30 a.m. Police were successful in rescuing the woman and removing her from the house. It is now unknown what her health is as she was transported in an ambulance to a level one trauma clinic after the incident.

The Cannon Falls Police Department has advised local homeowners that, despite the fact that there is no danger to the general population, they should remain inside their homes and ensure that they are secure until the suspect has been located and arrested.

The Cannon Falls Schools have been made aware of the situation and have instituted a protocol that states “no one in or out” until the problem has been rectified. Cannon Falls is currently experiencing an ongoing active police scenario, and a shelter-in-place order was issued for the local people in the area on Wednesday afternoon.

An “ongoing incident” has been reported on the 300 block of 1st Street North, and the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office has stated that they are aiding the Cannon Falls Police Department with it. The local authorities have requested that residents in the aforementioned area remain in their homes till further notice.

Account for the police scanner in Minnesota There have been reports that a suspect in a shooting is holed up inside a house, but this information has not yet been verified by government sources.