Brittany Young Obituary, Police Identify 2 killed in shootings in St. Robert, Mo

Brittany Young Obituary, Death – Both the woman and the man who was discovered dead in the same spot in St. Robert have been identified by the authorities. The woman was found dead behind a business in St. Robert with two of her children, while the man was discovered dead in the same location. They were found in a store in St. Robert, which was the location of the search, and it was there that the search was conducted.

Brittany Young, who was 33 years old, and Reginald Alford, who was 29 years old, both passed away as a direct result of the shootings. Both of their lives were cut tragically short. The gathering took place on Wednesday morning at ten o’clock in the parking lot of the strip mall that can be found off Missouri Avenue. The day was a Wednesday. The location of the strip mall was discussed in the sentence that came before this one. A witness has stated to KY3 that the man pursued the woman while armed inside a salon and then pulled a gun on her after ramming the woman’s vehicle with his truck. This information was provided by the witness.

When the man had struck the vehicle driven by the woman with his truck, the witness offered the information that was supplied above. The bodies of the two people were found by the police in the rear of the firm where they worked. Both victims had been working there. After conducting an investigation, the authorities have reached the conclusion that there is no danger to the people living in the neighborhood. At this stage, the investigation into this event that has been initiated is being handled by the St. Robert Police Department, which is responsible for conducting the inquiry. At this very moment, the Criminal Investigation Division of the United States Army is helping in some way or another with the investigation that is currently being conducted.