Brenda Bewitt Obituary, Connellsville PA. Brenda Bewitt Has Passed Away

Brenda Bewitt Obituary, Death – Rich Watson, a longtime member of the Dunbar Fire Department and the current Safety Officer, was driving the Connellsville bus when it was hit head-on by another vehicle. According to state police, Watson and three students from Dunbar Twp. Elementary were also transported to the hospital as a result of the accident. The driver of the Jeep was killed in the accident. Tonight, he is resting in the Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. Today he had the first of several surgeries, which was on his femur. He is going to get another one on Thursday.

Watson’s daughter married Watson’s son-in-law, Billy Colbert. “Five fractured ribs, a broken back, a complex femer fracture, and I think some injuries with his fib and rib,” the doctor said. “I believe he also had some injuries with his fib and rib.” “Yeah, he’s in excellent spirits, and a lot of people are reaching out to you, you know, saying that he is a hero for what he did,” she said. In his own views, he is not a hero, but in the eyes of other people, it is an entirely other story. According to Watson’s relatives, he has fragmentary recollections of the car accident. The Vehicle that was approaching him head-on in his lane. He pushed himself to go as far as he could before the collision occurred.
Even though Watson was in a state of shock, he still managed to phone for assistance.

He can’t stop inquiring about the welfare of the young men who were on the van. One of them, a child of 10 years old, is still being treated at the medical facility. The family expresses gratitude while looking at the ruins. Colbert: “Yeah, it could have been a lot worse than what it was, and luckily the children are alright, and my father in law, he is going to come through, and I feel horrible for the family of the other guy who was involved in the incident.” I mean, I really do. On its Facebook page, the Dunbar Voluntary Fire Company made an announcement about their efforts to assist Rich and his family.