Branden Blackson Obituary, Death, Branden Blackson Unexpectedly Passed Away

Branden Blackson Obituary, Death – (Declaration of the Appointment of Official Status) Jenny and Money Blackson are in our thoughts and prayers with the passing of their son and our nephew, Branden Blackson. Please accept our sincere sympathies. They welcomed Branden into the world. Because he had such a big personality and was so full of life and love, the passing of Branden will be dearly mourned by everyone who had the honor of calling him a friend because he was so full of both.

In light of the fact that this tragedy has left our entire family with our hearts shattered, I ask that you pray for my sister Jenny, her children Money and Macy, and the rest of our family. Jesus’ response was that he would be with them in paradise, and he spoke this to them face-to-face at that moment. Luke 23:43 Funeral services will be held at the Leehaven United Methodist Church in Townsend, Delaware, on the 8th of April between the hours of 1 and 4 p.m.

Condolence Message: “Jenny and the rest of her family have my deepest sorrow and sympathy during this difficult time. During this trying time, may Jehovah God and his most beloved son Jesus provide you all the solace and strength that you require. I want God to grant him the tranquility that he so desperately needs.” “I truly apologize. I promise that each and every one of you will remain in my thoughts and prayers in the future as well. Feel the love and tranquility that is being sent your way right now “…… “I was shocked to learn about the demise of your wonderful friend. I want to express my deepest condolences to you and your family for the loss that you have endured.”