Bob Walker Obituary, Bob Walker has passed away unexpectedly – Death

Bob Walker Obituary, Death – It is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you today; we are profoundly grieved to inform you that Missionary Bob Walker passed away on April 1; we learned this news with a heavy heart. Please accept our sincere sympathies. On the first of April of that year, Bob was serving as a missionary in the Philippines where he had been working. We are utterly heartbroken to hear of the passing of a member of your family. Please accept our condolences.

Before he disappeared without a trace in Mexico, he had been working as a minister in that country for a significant amount of time in the years leading up to the exact moment in time when he disappeared without a trace in Mexico. He vanished without a trace in the country. In addition to that, he worked as a consultant for our company and added his former experience to the projects that our organization was working on at the time. This was a really helpful input to the discussion.

It was an honor to be able to work with someone who sets such a high amount of emphasis on their religious ideas, and the opportunity to do so was something that should be regarded a privilege because it afforded us the ability to do something that we otherwise might not have had. Pastor A.J. Walker, Bob Walker’s son, will step into the role of Senior Pastor at the church while his father, Pastor Bob Walker, is away from the congregation.

Pastor Bob Walker will continue to serve as a Pastor. It is going to be Pastor A.J. Walker’s job to take on all of the obligations that come with with this role, and he is going to be successful in doing so. Pray that God will supply Pastor A.J. with the wisdom and strength he needs to shoulder the weight of leading the ministry, and also pray that God will provide the family with the wisdom and strength they need to get through this transition successfully.