Billy Stoker Obituary, Billy Stoker Has Died Unexpectedly

Billy Stoker Obituary, Death – I write this with a sorrowful heart to inform you that our son Billy Stoker passed away unexpectedly this morning. Please accept our condolences. The news of this tragic tragedy has left our family inconsolable. This morning I went to his home in Hendon, which is located in Sunderland, and I discovered that he had already passed away inside. Even though he had only been living there for a month and a half, the recent acquisition of the house had made him joyful than we had seen him to be in a lot of years. Even though he had only been living there for a month and a half.

I am sorry that I was not able to personally tell any of his many friends of his passing, but the major reason why I was unable to do so was because I do not know all of his friends. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We are unable to provide any information on funeral plans until we have been told the reason for the person’s passing; however, we will post those details here as soon as they come to our attention. We regret for the difficulty this may cause till then. I believed it would be appropriate to show you this picture of him when he was still carefree and full of the youthful vitality that comes with being young because his health has been worsening over the past many years.

I hope you like this picture. We are indebted to Val Gallon Lamb for making it possible for us to have access to it, and we express our profound thanks to her.