Billie Lynn Groff missing Ohio USA, ‘Cold Justice’ mum 1977 disappearance

Billie Lynn Groff missing, Death, Obituary – In the summer of 1977, Billie Lynn Groff a young mother and housewife from Ohio went missing, and she was never found and was never heard from again. Is it conceivable that she made her way out of there on her own, or did she end up being killed?

In the episode of “Cold Justice” that airs on Saturdays at 8/7c on Oxygen, veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler and homicide investigator Tonya Rider, along with Hubbard Police Department Sergeants Michael Banic and Howard Haynie, worked on a case that was 45 years old. The case involved the murder of a woman who had been missing for a long time.

Billie Lynn Groff, age 28, a devoted mother of two children, aged 10 and 7, and a dance teacher, was reported missing on July 4, 1977, after attending a neighborhood gathering marking July 4th. The celebration was held in her honor. She was in the midst of divorcing Ed, her high school sweetheart and husband, who had been her companion ever since they were teenagers. Ed had been her partner since they were teenagers.

Siegler claims that “she was pleased about her future,” despite the social stigma that prevailed about divorce during the time period in question. She continued by saying that the police had always had the idea that Ed had buried Billie Lynn close to his mother’s house, and she stated that this was something that she had told the police.

The Hubbard Police Department was unable to conduct an excavation to look for remains until very recently because they lacked the resources necessary to do so. But, at the time that the crew from “Cold Justice” arrived, the dig had already gotten under way.

In order to get a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the incident, Siegler and Rider spoke with members of the local law enforcement department. On the Monday, July 4, 1977, Billie Lynn practiced the piano by going to a local church that was conveniently located near her home. During this time, Ed took Michelle and Mark, their children, to an ox roast that was being held in the town. After the event was over, the children traveled back to their house in the car with their grandmother and one of their aunts. There was no trace of Billie Lynn to be found anywhere that anyone could look.

After Ed had returned home, he reported to his family that he had no idea where he had put his wife down while he was out. He waited two days before reporting Billie Lynn as missing before doing so. dAccording to Siegler, “He did not appear to be very concerned about her whereabouts,” but he did offer the police a four-page manifesto that describes all of her flaws as a wife and a mother.

According to the reports filed by the Hubbard Police Department, Ed was a very controlling person who also had a short fuse. Is it possible that Ed’s breaking point was reached when Billie Lynn filed for divorce?

The group also contemplated the idea that Billie Lynn had run away in order to get away from her unhappy marriage. Billie Lynn had received $1,000 from her father not too long before she vanished, and her father had given her the money. But would she ever consider abandoning her children?

The children of Billie Lynn, Michelle Kowalczyk and Mark Cianciolo, who are still coming to terms with the death of their mother, were interviewed by the investigators. They claimed that their father warned them not to discuss their mother and that he was prone to outbursts of irrational wrath.