Bill Rush Obituary, Bill Rush Has Sadly Passed Away

Bill Rush Obituary, Death – The members of the Helensville Rugby Club are in mourning after learning of Bill Rush’s demise. In 1990, Bill became the head coach of the Seniors team of the Helensville Rugby Football Club. He not only brought a large number of players with him, but also a new sponsor named Coastal Seafoods at the time (they made the legendary after training meals).

Before Leon Toki took over, Bill coached the Helensville Senior A team for a total of three years. After this, he went on to serve as the head coach of the Helensville Senior B Team for a considerable amount of time. Bill was a senior member of the club’s committee for seniors and had a long history of involvement with the organization. Within the realm of New Zealand rugby, he had a very strong reputation as a reserved individual who possessed a great deal of mana.

Since he had such a strong sense of pride for the Helensville Rugby Club, he even convinced Sir Collin Meads to give a speech there before the commencement of the Western Pioneer Season. The Helensville Rugby Football Club would like to express their gratitude to Bill for everything that he has done for them and express how much they will miss him.