Bernard Johansen Obituary, Johansen Olympia Dance Center Director and mentor has died – Death

Bernard Johansen Obituary, Death – We are writing to tell you that the great Bernard “Bud” Johansen has died. We do this with a lot of sadness. Everyone will feel sad about his death in their own way. Bud had a big impact on the lives of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dancers and their families in Olympia over the past 50 years. As a teacher, director, mentor, and friend, he was a great person. He was also a very interesting person. Besides that, he was a very important person. Because of his work at the studio, with Ballet Northwest, and at The Evergreen State College, he was a role model and an inspiration to dancers for many years.

He showed how to do things at the studio. Ballet Northwest. Evergreen State University. He was a very important person in the arts world, and he was a big part of how the Washington Center for the Performing Arts came to be (WCPA). Over the years, his performances have made tens of thousands of people in the audience very happy, which has made him very happy. This is something that has really made him happy. Bud’s legacy will live on forever because he made the community a warm and welcoming place and taught the people there to have good values.

We will never forget the great times we had with Bud and the great advice he gave us about how to get around in the world and live our lives. Bud’s heart, passion, and love for dancing meant that he spent a lot of long days at the dance studio, where there was laughter, sweat, tears, joy, discipline, hard work, friendships, dedication, and life lessons. He was able to make all of these things happen because he loved dancing so much. During these days, I felt many different things, such as laughter, sweat, and tears. Mary, his whole family, and everyone whose lives he touched in any way are in our prayers and thoughts during this very sad time. We’re very sorry for what happened. We’d love it if you used the space below for comments to share some of your favorite memories, jokes, pictures, and “Bud-isms” about Bud.