Benjamin Brahbam Obituary, Plumbers Local 1 Member Has Passed Away

Benjamin Brahbam Obituary, Death – We are sorry to inform you of the demise of Brother Benjamin Brahbam, and we regret in advance for any difficulties that may arise as a result of the news that he has passed away. Please appreciate our heartfelt apologies and thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We are steadfast in our determination to see our endeavor through to its conclusion, in spite of the fact that doing so puts a great amount of strain on both of our emotions.

When these words were said, Brother Brabham had already put in close to 38 years of service as a member of Plumbers Local 1, where he had been a longtime leader. At the time that we were having this discussion with him, he was 64 years old, which shows that he had already reached the age that we were talking to him about while we were having this chat with him.

In the morning of Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at ten o’clock in the am, the funeral ceremony will be performed at the Sharp Mosque At-Taqwa (local time). In case you were curious about its location, the mosque is at 1188 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York 11216. The structure has a zip code of 11216, which is also its street address. Dressing adequately for the event in line with the request that was made is something that all individuals who have the intention of attending the event are strongly encouraged to do.

It was requested that you dress in a manner that was business casual. You were asked to dress in a manner that was appropriate for a work environment but still casual. To the best of your ability, please ensure that you comply with the conditions that are described in this request. During this trying time, I ask that you remember Ben’s family in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts. I know it must be tough for you. We are grateful in advance for your consideration of our request, and we thank you for your time. During this difficult time in their lives, we have full faith that it will be of use to them to have this.