Ashley Huehn Obituary, Ohio, World Canine Freestyle Organization Member has Died

Ashley Huehn Obituary – As Ashley Huehn earned her wings and returned to the bridge with her beloved Aero, the earth lost a shining star. I first met Ashley when I was in my early days in Ohio. I showed under her in WCRL, and I will never forget the doodle she drew of Zuri’s sass on my score sheet. That caused me to cry tears of laughter during a trial, and I will never forget it.

By continuing to volunteer, I was able to get to know both she and Aero, which led to the beginning of a friendship. Throughout the years, Ashley and I have had numerous conversations about various canine-related topics, including this picture that I took of her when she finally accomplished her lifelong goal of earning an agility title for her dog Aero, which was made possible by my organization of a virtual agility competition held at the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF).

In addition to that, she brought a junior handler because it is something that Ashley has always done. Ashley has always been welcoming and welcomes everyone to join her in the world of dogs. She never made anyone feel like they were on the outside looking in, and she dedicated a significant amount of herself to the community that she lived in.

Ashley made certain that I was always included and welcomed, despite the fact that I was unable to attend the training classes held on Friday evenings. It was fantastic to witness the incredible things she performed with Reaper, especially considering how much of a strong supporter she was of team Zuri.