Archie Maybee Obituary St. Catharines CA, Archie Maybee has died sadly

Archie Maybee Death, Obituary – MAYBEE, Archie Sr. passed away unexpectedly on November 7, 2004 .Time may enable me to lessen the excruciating sorrow of losing someone I cared deeply about, but only a select few are aware of how much I miss you and how lonely this last year has been for me. It is impossible to express in words the profound impact that you have had on my life and the ways in which you have changed it on a daily basis.

Oh, how I despise having to talk about you in the past tense! The phrase “you’ve passed” causes a lump to form in my throat whenever I have to speak it. How I long to hear you call my name, Chicken, and how much I miss being able to call yours…Yes, we call him Pete and other nicknames, but there is a lot of love behind each one. You are here with me at all times, throughout each and every day.

There are so many things about you that I long for, such as your lovely face, your kind blue eyes, and that grin…a smile that would always steal my heart. I long for the lengthy discussions we used to have after you got home from work and miss the daily calls you made from the office. You were the tree of knowledge that never stopped expanding for me. I miss seeing our puppy, Max, also known as Biterdog, sit at the door when he heard you coming and giving you a greeting that included licks, kisses, and love bites every time he saw you. I miss watching him.

But above all else, I miss our Saturday night date. It was our special night for so many years, and now that I don’t have you, that day has lost all significance. Chicken, you may only be one person to the rest of the world, but to me, you were the entire universe. Because of you, I finally understand what it means to love someone… I can’t thank you enough for the most wonderful years of my life.

But at this point, the only time I get to spend with you is in my dreams, where I get to take walks and have conversations with you, and where you are always mine. Archie, as long as I have a beating heart, you will forever hold a special place in it. You will always have my undying love. –Love, Darlene