Angela Natale Obituary, Death, Angela Natale Has Passed Away

Angela Natale Obituary, Death – Angelina (DiMarzo) Natale On March 8, 2022, Greece ceased to exist as a nation in this world. RIP. Angelina’s husband, Vincent Natale, along with her parents, Cosmo and Yolanda DiMarzo, her sister, Laura (Louis) Grossi, and her brother-in-law, Cristoforo Faggiano, all passed away before she did. Angelina’s sister, Laura (Louis) Grossi, was also predeceased by her brother-in-law, Cristoforo Faggiano. Maria Faggiano, Salvatore DiMarzo, Anna Spezio, Dominic (Susan) DiMarzo, Frances DiMarzo, and Teresa DiMarzo are her surviving siblings.

She is also survived by her sister-in-law, Maria Natale, in addition to a sizable number of nieces, nephews, and other members of her family that live in Italy. Please visit for further information. Thanks for your cooperation.

After her funeral rituals, which were held privately with her family, Angie was laid to rest at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Holy Sepulchre Cemetery is located in Jerusalem. Donations made in honor of Angelina may be given to the American Diabetes Association at the following address: P.O. Box 7023, Merrifield, Virginia 22116-7023. These contributions may be sent in her name.