Angel Bailey Obituary Escambia County, Florida, 32-year-old woman identified as victim in deadly Escambia County shooting

Angel Bailey Obituary, Death – On Saturday, a woman who was a mother and was found shot dead on Mission Road in Escambia County was found to be 32 years old, according to the findings of the investigation. It was determined that she was the one who had been injured in the event that had taken place there. On Tuesday, members of Angel Bailey’s family confirmed that their loved one was the person who had been attacked. Her four children were evenly split between males and females in gender makeup: two boys and two girls. Both of her sons were of the masculine gender.

Nathaniel Cunningham Jr., who is 18 years old, is the subject of a search that is being conducted by the sheriff’s office in the region surrounding him. In addition to the many other allegations that have been made against him, he is wanted for murder as well. The family claims that Cunningham Jr. and Bailey are related, and they claim that they are still in shock as a result of the tragedy. The family states that they are still in shock. Not just Bailey, but also Cunningham Jr. A gunshot was heard on Saturday evening about 9:30 o’clock in the residence that Bailey had been living in on the 2900 block of Mission Road.

The residence is located in the San Antonio area. This was the place where the event took place. The fact that Cunningham Jr. is in possession of guns leads the sheriff’s office to believe that he poses a risk to the safety of the community.