Andrew Simmons Obituary, Andrew Simmons has passed away unexpectedly

Andrew Simmons Death, Obituary – Andrew B. Simmons, a resident of Kaaterskill Avenue who lived there and was 74 years old when he died on March 27, 2023 at the Columbia Memorial Hospital in Hudson, New York, was sent there for treatment. He passed away there. He was born in Saugerties on April 2, 1948, and his parents, Arthur Simmons and Lila Simmons, who have both since died away, were his parents. Both of his parents have now passed away. It was in acknowledgment of his patriotism and devotion to his nation that he was given the Bronze Star for his service in the United States Army during the Vietnam War.

His service earned him the award. He was born and raised in this region, and even at a young age he already had a great interest in predatory animals and the natural world in general. He was interested in the natural world since it was his birthplace. Of of all the species he was responsible for, Andrew found the most fulfillment in his work with the mammals, reptiles, and birds of prey. The question “Which sort of animal do you like best?” was a common one that he was asked by everyone who was in his immediate vicinity.

He was an extremely well-known wildlife speaker who was recognized on a national level and who led a huge number of educational workshops that were related to animals. His reputation extended all the way to the national level. His presentations attracted a sizable number of listeners each time. Sister Nancy has listed Marge, Nikki, Flair, Dutra, Brian, Steph, and the Albino among her most treasured friends throughout the course of her life. He was survived by a number of people, including his wife, Nicole, a son named Caine and his wife Andrea Simmons, a granddaughter named Jaxon Simmons, and a brother named Thomas Simmons.

His wife was the only one he left behind after his passing. Brittany and Landon Simmons are your nephew’s wife and grandnephew, respectively, while Jessica and Ryan Simmons are your niece and nephew, respectively. Landon Simmons is also your grandnephew. William, one of his brothers, had already died away before he did. He was the last of his siblings. It has been decided that the memorial service for him will take place in the seclusion of the home that he had shared with his family.