Andrew Dodson Obituary Somerset KY, Pulaski County Hs football player Has died sadly

Andrew Dodson Death, Obituary – Since a football player from Pulaski County High School suffered a brain injury while playing for his team on Friday, the number of people in the state of Kentucky who are participating in a campaign dubbed “Prayers for Andrew” has been on the rise. The campaign was started in response to the player’s condition.

Alan Dodson stated that his son Andrew Dodson was running the ball when he was tackled by a teammate during the spring Maroon and White game for the Pulaski County varsity football team. The game took place in Pulaski County. That was not a severe collision, and there was no contact made between the helmets at any point.

Dodson referred to the tackle as “simple and clean,” and he highlighted the fact that Andrew was wearing a helmet to protect his head throughout the collision. According to Dodson, Andrew suffered brain injuries as a result of blunt force when the grass hit him in the head. These injuries were caused when Andrew’s head was impacted by the grass.

He had a significant operation to relieve the pressure, but following the treatment, he is still unconscious and has not regained consciousness. He has been battling for his life despite the fact that artificial methods have been keeping him alive. According to a post that was made on social media by Immanuel Baptist Church at Somerset, there was a gathering of Andrew’s classmates and adults outside the hospital in the parking garage.

They offered some prayers and sang a few hymns before continuing. In a previous post, Dodson made reference to Easter and wrote, “I am aware that this week is the busiest week of the entire year in the church calendar.” Specifically, he was alluding to the week that came before Easter.

However, if it is at all possible for you, would you be able to ask someone from your church to pray for Andrew today? God’s omniscience and omnipotence are absolutely necessary for us. We are in desperate need of a miracle. Your prayers are requested for us at this time.

Over 550 individuals from all over, including Crittenden County and as far away as London, responded online to express that they would pray for the situation.