Andrew Dawson Missing, TikToker Missing After Discovering a giant on a mountain

Andrew Dawson Missing, Andrew Dawson was a rising celebrity on the video-sharing platform TikTok, where he was beloved for his boundless enthusiasm and quick wit. On May 12, 2022, though, he vanished without a trace. On April 10th, 2022, Andrew uploaded footage showing a gigantic figure perched on a Canadian mountain. Within days, the video had approximately 4 million views and had gone viral. He reported that a CIA agent had stopped him and accused him of trespassing and roadblocking in a public space.

Four days later, he posted a video on social media showing a mysterious black car parked in front of his house. As soon as he stepped outside, the vehicle took off. A while later, he posted a video of himself in the dark with the remark, “I am afraid.” In the video, he assured his admirers that his uploads were not staged and that they might not see any more content from him in the future. Many people began to wonder what had become of Andrew when the news of his disappearance circulated around the globe. Was he taken by force? What happened to him? Did someone try to harm him?

No one knew what was happening or why as the days and weeks went. A video of him unexpectedly appeared online two months after he went missing. In the video, Andrew described the circumstances leading up to his disappearance in an oddly measured tone. bAccording to the footage, Andrew was exploring the woods late at night when he spotted the mysterious person atop the mountain. The apparition vanished before his eyes, and he was overcome with fear. Back in his car, he tried to drive back to his house, but he was killed in an accident before he got there.

After that, no one heard anything further from Andrew. Several people wondered what Andrew had seen on the mountain once the video was made public. In the eyes of some, he had seen a ghost; in the eyes of others, he had witnessed the extraordinary. No matter what Andrew had observed, the circumstances surrounding his disappearance are still unknown. Neither his whereabouts nor the circumstances behind his disappearance are known.

There has been much conjecture as to whether or not Andrew is still alive, but no one knows for sure. What what happened to Andrew Dawson is still a mystery. We can only surmise what Andrew saw on the mountain that night, but whatever it was, it was terrifying enough to make him abandon his family and friends. His absence, whether he is dead or alive, will be a mystery for a very long time.