Alexandra Hegel Obituary Tucson, AZ. Alexandra Hegel Died in A Motorcycle Accident

Alexandra Hegel Motorcycle Accident, Death – Another one of my close friends was taken from me in a tragic accident. She had a kind demeanor and was easy to converse with. She enjoyed riding very much and has done so with me on several occasions. In addition, she has occasionally ridden with the OPR team. She came to both of our most recent events, and she is thrilled to be coming to the one that is right around the corner. I will make sure that she is present so that she may have her moment in the spotlight during the occasion. We are very sad that you had to leave us so soon in your life. I am certain that she would like for me to say this. Please, all of you Brothers and Sisters, use caution as you.

On Tuesday afternoon, a motorcycle accident that occurred in the northeastern part of Tucson resulted in the death of one individual. A accident was reported to have occurred at the intersection of North Sabino Canyon and North Indian Ruins Road around 3:13 p.m., and deputies arrived to the scene. They discovered a collision involving a motorbike and a pickup vehicle when they arrived at the scene.

At the scene of the accident, the motorcyclist was pronounced deceased. Alexandra Hegel, who is 32 years old, was determined to be her. The person who was driving the pickup truck did not sustain any injuries. Richard Kewley, age 79, has been determined to be the individual in question. When the collision occurred, the motorbike was traveling south on North Sabino Canyon Road, and the pickup truck had just turned onto North Sabino Canyon Road from North Indian Ruins Road heading east.