Alex Shilvock Accident, Death, San Diego Man Killed in Fatal Crash in Buena Park

Alex Shilvock Accident, Death – A unusual highway crash that occurred on Monday night in Buena Park, close to Anaheim, resulted in the death of one San Diego man and left another guy in a critical condition. After their vehicles had collided on southbound Interstate 5, the victims got out of their vehicles to exchange contact information with one another when a third vehicle struck them and their vehicles.

Alex Shilvock, who is 26 years old, has Steve Steuterman for a father. Steve Steuterman is one of the three drivers who are still alive. According to Steuterman, “He’s in terrible shape.” Shilvock is a local surfer and skater who also has a job at the Building Department of San Diego County. According to Steuterman, “He is talking more, and he’s on some pain medications.” Thursday night, while Shilvock was driving back to San Diego in his white Toyota Matrix, he rear-ended a black Honda. The other driver was not injured in the accident. Shilvock sent to Steuterman the information that the Honda was idling in the second traffic lane without its lights on.

According to the findings of the investigation conducted by the CHP, Shilvock, the driver and passenger of the Honda had a meeting on the roadway to share information. One minute later, a third car smashed with the three guys and both of their automobiles, sending them flying into the air. On the side of the road, between the two smashed automobiles, Shilvock was discovered lying down. “He has a few cracked ribs in addition to some lacerations. Some on both the left and the right side of his skull. Some scrapes and bruises from the road on this side,” Steuterman added. Both Shilvock and the driver of the Honda were sent to nearby hospitals following the collision. As a result of injuries sustained in the second incident, a passenger in the Honda who the CHP identified as being a resident of San Diego was declared deceased at the site. There was no more information disclosed on the passenger who had passed away.

During his conversation with NBC 7, Steuterman found out about the fatal accident involving the passenger. “There was nothing that we were aware of regarding it. When there’s an accident on the interstate involving numerous automobiles, it’s terrible because you never know what’s going to happen, as Steuterman put it. The person operating the third car did not sustain any injuries. The path forward for Shilvock is the path to rehabilitation from his injuries.

“He looks to be stable now but he’s going to have a lengthy recovery with all the orthopedic injuries, a lot of stress,” Steuterman said. “He’s going to have a long recovery with all the orthopedic injuries, a lot of trauma.” Shilvock is now receiving medical care at the UC Irvine Medical Center. According to Steuterman, who spoke to NBC 7, he has a punctured lung and is currently being monitored to see whether or not he needs surgery. According to the findings of the CHP’s investigation, neither drugs nor alcohol appear to have played a role in this collision.